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About Us Academic-Details एक जिद्दी व्यक्तीमत्व अल्प परिचय Academic Responsibilities Research-Project
Academic Details
Dr. K. Y. Rajpure
Department of Physics,
Coordinator, SAIF
Shivaji University, Kolhapur - 416 004.
Academic details:
Sr.No Degree Board/ University Year Subjects % of marks
1. S.E.T. UGC/ Pune University 2002 Physical Sciences Qualified
2. Ph.D Shivaji University 2000 Physics Awarded
3. M.Sc. Shivaji University 1994 Solid State Physics 65.85
4. B.Sc. Shivaji University 1992 Physics 88.5
5. H.S.C. Pune Divisional Board 1989 Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Electronics 81.15
6. S.S.C. Pune Divisional Board 1987 Languages, Science, Maths, Social Science 79.85
University Gold medal at B.Sc. and M.Sc. Examinations.
Research Specialization:
  • Thin Films, Solar Cells, Transparent conductive oxides, Photoelectrochemistry, Photo-electrocatalysis of water, Gas sensors, Multiferroics
Teaching Experience to P.G.:
Sr. No. Post Tenure Duties
1. Assistant Professor (Shivaji University) 04/08/1999 to 20/08/2014 Teaching & Research
2. Professor (Shivaji University) 21/08/2014 to till date Teaching & Research
Subjects Taught and is being teaching:
Classical Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics and plasma Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Computational methods And Programming ,Preparation & Properties of Thin Films, Physical properties of solids
Course Syllabus at Shivaji University
Patents Filed (Indian):
Sr. No. Title of Patent Patent number Date
1. Photoelectrocatalytic behavior of Fe2O3, AlFe2O3 and AlFe2O3/TiO2 nanoflakes 2181/MUM/2012 30-07-2012
2. Nanostructures of N/ZnO for photoelectrocatalysis of water impurities 2485/MUM/2012 27-08-2012
Review articles published:
  • Kinetic analysis of heterogenous photocatalysis: Role of Hydroxyl Radicals, Catalysis Reviews: Science and Engineering, 55 (2013) 1–51
Books Published:
  • Photocatalysis: Ferric Oxide Nanomaterials, Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN No. 978-3-659-16967-0, 2012, S. S. Shinde, C. H. Bhosale, K. Y. Rajpure
  • Photocatalysis: An Environmental Approach, Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN No. 978-3-8484-9651-8, 2012, S. S. Shinde, C. H. Bhosale, K. Y. Rajpure
  • Antimony Doped Tin Oxide (ATO): Transparent Conductor, ISBN- 978-3-659-38375-5, 2013, A.R. Babar, K.Y. Rajpure
  • Transparent coatings (Transparent thin film coatings of various metal oxides), ISBN No. 978-3-659-46350-1, S.S. Shinde, V.G. Parale, C.H. Bhosale, K.Y. Rajpure
  • Metal oxide thin films Gas sensor: Spray deposited Cadmium indium oxide thin film for LPG gas sensing, Scholars' Press (February 25, 2014) Publisher, ISBN No.10: 3639708687, ISBN-13:978-3639708684, 2014, Ramesh Deokate, K. Y. Rajpure, C. D. Lokhande