Research Projects
Title of Project / Scheme Funding Agency Funds received Date of starting Date of ending Status
Studies on synthesis and characterization of large area transparent conductive oxide thin films
No.: ERIP/ ER/ 0503504/ M/ 01/ 1007
Defence Research and Development Organization
14.96 Lakhs 1 April 2008 31 March 2011 Completed
Development of cadmium sulphide / polyaniline heterojunction based room temperature LPG sensor.
No.: SR/S2/CMP-82/2006
Department of Science and Technology
16.70 Lakhs 11 Feb. 2008 10 Feb. 2011 Completed
Photocatalytic degradation of waste water using sprayed tungsten trioxide (WO3) thin films
No. 41-869/2012 (SR)
University Grants Commission
13.01 Lakhs 1 July 2012 30 June 2015 Completed
Development of magnetoelectric multiferroic composite ceramics for electric power generation by cost effective chemical methods
No. 03(1284)/13/EMR-II
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
19.62 Lakhs 9 May 2013 8 May 2016 Completed
Photocatalytic Purification of Wastewater Using Fe2O3/TiO2 Nano-composite Thin Films Department of Science and Technology
21.67 Lakhs 1 May 2014 30 April 2017 Completed